Golden Tate Blog: I didn't expect it to go down in the history books

Posted Sep 4, 2014

WR Golden Tate blogs about the last time the Packers and Seahawks faced off in the regular season and getting ready for Monday Night Football.

I’m excited like everyone else is for the NFL season to kick off tonight. I’ll be watching and I’m expecting it to be a great game. There's been a lot of talk about the last time the Packers and Seahawks faced off in the regular season and the last play of the game. I think what I thought then. I thought the referees made the right call. I thought I had my hands on it, I had my two feet on the ground and that's that.

Golden Tate Touchdown (Photo: AP Images)

It's funny, I scored two touchdowns that game, but I'm not sure how many people know that or remember that. But if we were to switch my touchdowns, I don't think we would even be talking about it today. But because it was the last play of the game, it is what it is.

I definitley didn't expect to still be talking about it. I didn't expect for it to go down in the history books the way it has. You can make it into a positive thing or you can let it be a negative thing. I try to make it a positive.

A lot of people try to take away the effort that I put in on that play, but at the end of the day, I did what I had to do to help my team at the time win. The referees made the call they made. That's out of my control.

I like the situation we're in now, playing on Monday night, first Monday night game, primetime TV, at home. I get a few days to watch other teams play and really start to dial in to Monday night. I get to watch the Thursday night game with my ex-team and cheer those guys on.

It's going to be fun. I'm definitley rooting for my guys out in Seattle. Some of my best friends are still up there playing, so that's awesome to see those guys getting their chance to shine. But I will also be watching from a game-plan aspect. I can't really help it. I'm really critical. I will be watching to see what kind of coverages Green Bay is running, see what kinds of techniques their corners are doing. I try to watch it as a student, but also as a fan at the same time, and that's kind of tough to do.

I get to watch football all Sunday too, which is cool. It's going to be a good weekend for me. I get to watch a lot of football and spend time with my family and get my mind right for the task at hand on Monday.