Getting to know RB Joique Bell

Posted Jul 14, 2012 asks players questions to learn more about their football memories, plans after football, favorites and more!

RB Joique Bell

Q: What is your favorite college football memory?

Bell: “So many memories in college. I talked to my coach. He told me the best game he ever saw me play was senior year against Northwood. My favorite game is Homecoming my senior year it was a battle. We were going against a quarterback Billy Cundiff he was one of the top quarterbacks in the nation at the time."

"We didn’t beat that team the past two years and they put them on our homecoming, who does that? Well I hadn’t lost a homecoming since I had been at Wayne State so there was no way. I ended up scoring a touchdown to win the game at the very end with 30 seconds. I caught a 45 yard pass, broke about three tackles and scored. There was a lot on our plate I think it was to take the lead in the conference or take second place because we were tied. We had to win that game and make a statement. I was part of my team that game. We stepped it up.”

Q: What's your favorite food?

Bell: “It’s actually Italian. It’s a dish my mom used to make called Manicotti. She only makes it on special occasion because it takes quite some time. I love that. My mom also makes this dessert called a butter roll. It’s similar to peach cobbler without the peaches. They use milk. It’s an old recipe. She kept me healthy.”

Q: What is your favorite music to work out to?

Bell: “We throw a little Drake in there, a little Meek Millz, Rick Ross. Get you pumped up before the game. I listen to Waile sometimes on the bus ride to the facility. I like to look out the window bounce my head and enjoy the ride.”

Q: Where would you like to travel to one day?

Bell: “I’ve been planning to go to Disney World with my son. I’ve had other opportunities to go but I told everyone I wasn’t going to go for the first time without taking my son. He’s six now so he can run around. It’s the perfect time. We’ll probably go mid-July. I want him to be old enough to remember it. I’ve never been before so that’ll be our memory.”

Q: What was your favorite show growing up?

Bell: “I used to wake up every Saturday morning and me and my sister as a kid only had one tv in my parents room. She’d say Joique go knock on mommy and daddy’s door and ask if you can watch “One Saturday Morning." "We used to watch Recess that was our favorite show.”