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Locker Room Video

  • Caldwell on team's focus

    Posted Dec 9, 2016

    Head coach Jim Caldwell talks about the maturity of the team and staying focused.

  • Tate on putting team goals first

    Posted Dec 8, 2016

    WR Golden Tate talks about his season turning around after facing Chicago earlier in the season and how he values team goals over personal performance.

  • Jones on returning to active roster

    Posted Dec 8, 2016

    WR TJ Jones talks about how he benefits from playing with veterans like Anquan Boldin as well as how he worked toward improving while on the practice squad.

  • Cooter on wide receivers

    Posted Dec 8, 2016

    Offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter talks about the Lions' wide receivers as well as the offensive adjustments since the Week 4 matchup against Chicago.

  • Austin on loss of Diggs

    Posted Dec 8, 2016

    Defensive coordinator Teryl Austin talks about the loss of CB Quandre Diggs and the potential players who may step into his role.

  • Caldwell on 'next man up' mentality

    Posted Dec 8, 2016

    Head coach Jim Caldwell talks about the team's 'next man up' mentality as well as defensive coordinator Teryl Austin's success.

  • Quin on Bears' offense

    Posted Dec 7, 2016

    S Glover Quin talks about preparing to face the Bears' offense as well as what it's like to see RB Joique Bell back in the locker room.

  • Bell on joining Lions

    Posted Dec 7, 2016

    RB Joique Bell talks about joining the Lions once again and how he feels he can contribute to the team.

  • Stafford on contributions from recievers

    Posted Dec 7, 2016

    QB Matthew Stafford talks about the value of WR Golden Tate and Anquan Boldin as well as the team's ability to limit turnovers since facing the Bears earlier this season.

  • Caldwell on looking ahead to Bears

    Posted Dec 7, 2016

    Head coach Jim Caldwell talks about how the Bears have changed since playing them earlier in the season as well as the benefits of competition within a team.